The Canadian Investment Funds Standards Committee (CIFSC) is made up of Canada’s leading investment funds data publishing and analysis firms as well as other industry professionals. The committee consists of voting and non-voting members. Members can be either an individual or a firm and member firms can have multiple representatives. In January of each year, the committee will review its membership.

Fundata Canada

Reid Baker, Director, Analytics & Data – Committee Chair

Brian Bridger, Vice President, Analytics & Data

John Krisko, Senior Analyst, Analytics & Data

Morningstar Canada

Christopher Davis, Director of Fund Analysis – Canada, Active Funds Research

Achilleas Taxildaris, Analyst, Manager Research

Eric Brignall, Manager, Canadian Managed Investment Data

CANNEX Financial Exchanges

Sandy DiGiorgi, Investments Funds, Manager

Thomson Reuters / Lipper

Victor Tan, Manager, Canadian Content

Gaurav Shrestha, Financial Analyst, Canadian Content

Investment Funds Institute of Canada (Non-Voting)

Mohammad Rahamni, Senior Research and Statistics Analyst

Ji Qi, Research and Statistic Analyst

Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc (Non-Voting)

James Wood, Counsel

Canadian ETF Association (Non-Voting)

Yves Rebetez, Managing Director, ETFinsight

Independent Member

David O’Leary, Kind Wealth