Alternative Market Neutral

Funds in the Alternative Market Neutral category employ alternative strategies such as short selling or other forms of leverage. Alternative Mutual Funds that meet the requirements of NI 81-102, and traditional hedge funds offered by offering memorandum are categorized using the same guidelines. Funds in this category aim to reduce market exposure by pairing long and short positions. These funds generally aim to have low correlation and/or low beta to relative markets. Funds that do not issue a simplified prospectus will not be ranked with the Alternative Mutual Funds in this category.

*This category will not be ranked for the first year of its existence.

BlackRock Glo Market Neutral
BMO AM Market Neutral Global Equity Series I
BMO Private Market Neutral Global Equity Fund
CC&L Diversified Market Neutral Fund Series A
CC&L Global Market Neutral Fund Series A
CC&L Market Neutral Fund Series A
Curvature Market Neutral Fund A
Desjardins Alt Long/Short Equity Mrkt Nt ETF(DANC)
FDP Market Neutral Private Portfolio Series I
Fiera Active Trading Fund Series A
Formula Growth Alpha Fund Class A C$ Hedged 010
NCM Market Neutral Income Fund Series A
PCJ Absolute Return Fund Series A
Picton Mahoney Fortified Market NeutAltFdETF(PFMN)
Picton Mahoney Fortified Market Neutral Alt Fd A
Picton Mahoney Global Market Neutral Equity Fd A
Picton Mahoney Market Neutral Equity Fund Class A
Purpose Multi-Strategy Market Neutral Fd ETF (PMM)
Purpose Multi-Strategy Market Neutral Fund A
RBC Qube Market Neutral Canadian Equity Fund A
RBC Qube Market Neutral World Equity Fund A U$
RBC Qube Market Neutral World Equity Fund C$ Hgd A
SIA Tactical Market Rotation Pool Class A
Vertex Arbitrage Fund Class F
Vertex Liquid Alternative Fund Class B