Alternative Other

Funds in the Alternative Other category have a unique strategy that does not fit in to any other alternative category. Alternative Mutual Funds that meet the requirements of NI 81-102, and traditional hedge funds offered by offering memorandum are categorized using the same guidelines. Funds in this category will not be ranked.

3iQ Bitcoin Trust
3iQ Bitcoin Trust Series A
3iQ Global Cryptoasset Fund Class A
Accelerate Private Equity Alpha Fund (ALFA)
AIP Global Macro Fund LP - Class A1
Altervest High Octane Fund Class S
Auspice Diversified Trust Fund Series A
BetaPro S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETF (HUV)
Bloom Burton Healthcare Lending Trust
Bloom Burton Healthcare Structured Lending Fd LP A
Bloom Burton Healthcare Structured Lending II LP A
BMO Castle Mount Feeder Fund LP
BMO PineBridge Preferred Securities TACTIC Fund A
Bridging Income Fund LP A BFI703
Bridging Income RSP Cl A BFI706
Bridging Indigenous Impact Fund Class A C$
Bridging Mid-Market Debt Fund L.P. Class A C$
Bridging Mid-Market Debt RSP Fund Class A C$
Capstone Non-Traditional Equity Pool Fund Class F
Celernus Pivot Private Credit Fund Class A
Centurion Financial Trust - Class A
Cortland Credit Strategies L.P.
Cortland Credit Strategies RRSP Fund
Dynamic Real Estate & Infrastructure Incom II Fd A
Dynamic Real Estate & Infrastructure Income Fund A
EHP Global Arbitrage Alternative Fund Class A
Emergence Fund Class I
Fiera Global Private Equity
Fiera Marketplace Lending
Goldenwise Multi Strategy Fund
Horizons Absolute Return Global Currency ETF(HARC)
Horizons Morningstar Hedge Fund Index ETF (HHF)
IP Diversified Alternative Income Fund Series C
Kensington Private Equity Fund Class A
Kensington Venture Investment Fund Class A
Lawrence Park Enhanced Preferred Fund BD - Lead
Lawrence Park Enhanced Preferred Fund F - Lead
Lawrence Park Enhanced Preferred Fund Y - Lead
Lawrence Park Enhanced Preferred Fund YD - Lead
Libertas Focused Fund LP Class F
Libertas Real Asset Opportunities Fund Class A
Majestic Global Diversified Fund Series A
Marret High Grade Hedge Fund
Marret High Yield Fund
Marret High Yield Hedge LP
Marret Investment Grade Hedged Strategies Fd F
Marret Investment Grade Hedged Strategies Fund
MD Platinum Global Private Equity Pool
MDPIM Global Tactical Opportunities Pool
Next Edge AHL Fund Class A
Next Edge Private Debt Fund Class A1
Next Edge RCM Private Yield Fund Class A
Ninepoint Alternative Income Fund Series A
Ninepoint Canadian Senior Debt Fund Class A
Ninepoint TEC Private Credit Fund Series A
Perisen Life Settlements Limited Partnership II B
Portland Global Sustainable Evergreen Fund A
Portland Global Sustainable Evergreen LP A
Portland Private Income Fund Series A
Purpose Specialty Lending Trust Series A
Qwest Productivity Media Income Trust Class A
Raintree Preservation Fund Series A
Rivemont Crypto Fund Series A
Roundtable Conservative Equity
Roundtable Opportunities
Springfield Global Equity Pool
TD Emerald Private/Public Debt Portfolio
TD Private Debt
Veritas Long Short Fund
Veritas Long Short Fund Series F
Vertex Bond Alpha Fund Class B
VPC Specialty Finance Fund
VPC Specialty Finance Fund Class B
VPC Specialty Lending Fund Class I
WaveFront Global Diversified Investment Cl Ser A
Westbridge Capital Partners Income Trust M
WHL (Canada) I LP