Canadian Corporate Fixed Income

Funds in the Canadian Corporate Fixed Income category must have a stated mandate to invest primarily in corporate bonds and must invest at least 90% of their fixed income holdings in Canadian dollars with an average duration greater than 3.5 years and less than 9.0 years. In addition, these funds must invest primarily in investment-grade fixed-income securities, such that the average credit quality of the portfolio as a whole is investment grade (BBB or equivalent rating or higher) and not more than 40% of the portfolio’s holdings are invested in high yield fixed income securities. At least 60% of the portfolio’s fixed income holdings are in corporate fixed income. For purposes of the category definition, up to 30% of a Fund’s assets may be held in Foreign Fixed Income products which will be treated as Canadian content provided that the currency exposure on those holdings is hedged into Canadian Dollars.

Beutel Goodman Core Plus Bond Fund Class D
BMO Corporate Bond Index ETF (ZCB)
BMO Mid Corporate Bond Index ETF (ZCM)
BMO Private Canadian Corporate Bond Portfolio 41
CAN Corporate Bond (Port) 75/75
Canso Corporate Bond Fund Class A
Canso Private Investment Grade Bond Fund
CI First Asset Canadian Convertible Bond ETF (CXF)
CI First Asset Investment Grade Bond ETF (FIG)
CIBC Active Investment Grade CorporateBd ETF(CACB)
Dynamic Corporate Bond Strategies Class Series A
Dynamic Corporate Bond Strategies Fund Series A
Dynamic iSh Act Invest Grde Floating RateETF (DXV)
Exemplar Investment Grade Fund ETF (CORP)
Exemplar Investment Grade Fund Series A
FDP Canadian Corporate Bond Private Portfolio I
FGP Corporate Plus+ Bond D-Class
Fidelity Corporate Bond Class Series B
Fidelity Corporate Bond Fund Series B
Franklin Bissett Corporate Bond Fund Series A
Franklin Liberty Cdn Invtmnt Grade Corp ETF (FLCI)
Guardian Fixed Income Select Fund Series W
Guardian Investment Grade Corporate Bond Fund I
GWL Corporate Bond (Port) 75/75
Horizons Active Corporate Bond ETF(HAB)
iA Canadian Corporate Bond SRP7575MyEd+
IG Mackenzie Canadian Corporate Bond Fund C
Invesco 1-10 Yr Lad Inv Gra Corp Bond Ix ETF (PIB)
iShares 1-10 Yr Laddered Corp Bond Index ETF (CBH)
iShares Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF (XCB)
iShares Canadian HYBrid Corp Bond Index ETF (XHB)
Leith Wheeler Corporate Advantage Fund Series F
LON Corporate Bond (Port) 75/75
Mackenzie Canadian All Corporate Bond Id ETF (QCB)
National Bank Corporate Fixed-Income Sec Bskt PP O
NBI Corporate Bond Fund Investor Series
NBI Corporate Bond Private Portfolio Advisor Ser
NBI Corporate Bond Private Portfolio GP Series
Quadrus Corporate Bond Fund (Portico) Quad Ser
RBC Private Canadian Corporate Bond Pool Series F
RBC Target 2024 Corporate Bond Index ETF (RQL)
RBC Target 2025 Corporate Bond Index ETF (RQN)
Renaissance Corporate Bond Fund A
Scotia Private Canadian Corporate Bond Pool K
SSQ AlphaFixe Bond and Bank Loan GIF Basic
TD Canadian Corporate Bond Fund - Investor Series
Vanguard Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF (VCB)