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When evaluating funds for category placement the committee first screens for the narrowest, most precise definitions. Examples of categories with narrow definitions would be Target Date Portfolios, Financial Services Equity, Real Estate Equity, Small/Mid Cap Equity, and Alternative Strategies. If funds meet the narrower definitions, they are categorized in the appropriate CIFSC category. If not, the funds are subjected to the criteria of other fund categories. Because this methodology is employed, it is important to be aware of all fund category definitions. It is insufficient to apply the criteria of a single fund category to determine a fund's candidacy, for any given CIFSC category.

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Canadian Focused Small/Mid Cap Equity

Funds in the Canadian Focused Small/Mid Cap Equity category must invest at least 50% and less than 90% of their equity holdings in securities domiciled in Canada, and their average market capitalization must be lower than the Canadian focused small/mid cap threshold.

ABC Fully-Managed Fund
ABC Fundamental-Value Fund
AGF All Cap 30 Canadian Equity Fund
AGF Clean Environment Equity Fund
Brickburn Small Cap Class Series MF
Canada Life Mid Cap Canada Fund (GWLIM) Gens
Chou RRSP Fund
CI Alpine Growth Equity Fund Class A
CI Cambridge Canadian Growth Companies Fund A
CI Can-Am Small Cap Corporate Class A
CI Canadian Small/Mid Cap Fund Class A
Clarica SF CI Alpine Growth Equity Fund
Clarica SF CI Canadian Small/Mid Cap Fund
Clarica SF Growth Fund
Cumberland Opportunities
Dynamic Power Small Cap Fund Series A
Dynamic Real Estate & Infrastructure Income Fund A
Fidelity Greater Canada Class Series A
Fidelity Greater Canada Fund Series A
Fidelity Special Situations Class Series A
Fidelity Special Situations Fund Series A
Front Street Global Opportunities Class Ser A (LL)
Front Street Tactical Equity Class Series A (LL)
Goodwood Capital Fund
GWL Mid Cap Canada Fund (G) NL
Investors Canadian Growth Class Series A
Investors Canadian Growth Fund Series A
Investors Canadian Small Cap Growth Class A
Investors Canadian Small Cap Growth Fund Ser C
London Life Mid Cap Canada Fund (GWLIM)
Louisbourg Canadian Small Cap Fund
Manulife GIF 1 Growth Opportunities
Manulife GIF Select Growth Opportunities
Manulife Growth Opportunities Class Advisor Series
Manulife Growth Opportunities Fund Advisor Series
Marquest Deacon Growth Class A
Marquest Focus Fund
National Bank Small Cap Fund
Quadrus North American Specialty Class Quadrus Ser
RBC Private O'Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Pool - O
Russell Smaller Companies Class Series B
Russell Smaller Companies Pool Series A
Sentry Small Mid Cap Income Fund A
Steadyhand Small-Cap Equity Fund
Stone & Co. Growth Industries Fund A
The McElvaine Investment Trust Series B
Trimark Canadian Endeavour Fund Series A
Trimark Canadian Small Companies Fund Series A
United Canadian Equity Growth Corporate Class A
United Canadian Equity Growth Pool Class W

Updated: Apr 08, 2014