Miscellaneous – Undisclosed Holdings

Funds in this sub-category do not report their holdings to any of the data providers that are members of the CIFSC. The CIFSC requires fund companies to submit full holdings data for their funds at least quarterly, lagged by no more than one quarter in order to be classified. If holdings are not provided according to this standard, then the respective fund or funds will be moved into this category until such time as the minimum holding requirement is met.

ACTIVEnergy Income Fund (AEU.UN)
AlphaNorth Growth Fund Series A - 010
AlphaNorth Resource Fund Series A - 020
Faircourt Gold Income Corp (FGX)
Faircourt Split Trust (FCS.UN)
First Asset Diversified Convertible Deb Fd(DCD.UN)
First Asset Energy & Resource Fund (TRF.UN)
Global Capital Securities Trust - Class F Units
Global Iman Fund Series A
Globalance Dividend Growers Corp (GBF)
Hillsdale Global Long/Short Equity Fund Class A
Hillsdale US Long/short Hedged Equity U$
iProfile Canadian Equity Class I
iProfile Canadian Equity Pool I
iProfile Emerging Markets Class I
iProfile Emerging Markets Pool I
iProfile Fixed Income Pool I
iProfile International Equity Class I
iProfile International Equity Pool I
iProfile U.S. Equity Class I
iProfile U.S. Equity Pool I
JFT Strategies Fund Class A (JFS.UN)
MINT Income Fund (MID.UN)
North American Advantaged Convertibles Fd (NCD.UN)
Oil Sands Sector Fund (OSF.UN)
The Lonsdale Tactical Balanced Portfolio A