Natural Resources Equity

Funds in the Natural Resources Equity category must invest at least 90% of their equity holdings in the securities of companies whose primary line of business is in any combination of Energy and Basic Materials. This excludes any funds that meet the definition for the Precious Metals Equity category.

Assumption/CI Signature Global Resources Corporate Class
BMO Equal Weight Global Base Metals ETF (ZMT)
BMO Resource Fund Series A
Canada Life Cdn Res (M) Gens
CI First Asset Gold+ Giants Covered Call ETF(CGXF)
CIBC Canadian Resources Fund Class A
Clarica SF CI Signature Global Resources Fund
DMP Resource Class Series A
Dundee Global Resource Class
Dynamic DCAF Series A1-Strategic Resource
Dynamic DCAF Series F1-Strategic Resource
Dynamic Strategic Resource Class Series A
Fidelity Global Natural Resources Class Series B
Fidelity Global Natural Resources Fund B
GWL Canadian Resources (G) NL
Harvest Global Resource Leaders ETF (HRES)
Horizons S&P/TSX Capped Energy Index ETF (HXE)
IG Mackenzie Global Natural Resource Fund C
IG Mackenzie Global Natural Resources Class A
Invesco Resources Fund Series A
iShares S&P/TSX Capped Materials Index ETF (XMA)
iShares S&P/TSX Global Base Metals Index ETF (XBM)
London Life Canadian Resource (Mackenzie)
Mackenzie Global Resource Class Series A
Mackenzie Global Resource Fund Series A
Maple Leaf Resource Class Series A
Marquest Explorer Series A/Rollover MIN001
Matco Energy Fund
NBI Resource Fund Investor Series
Ninepoint 2018 Flow-Through Limited Partnership
Ninepoint 2018-II Flow-Through Limited Partnership
Ninepoint 2019 Flow-Through Limited Partnership
Ninepoint Resource Class Series A
Portland Global Energy Eff & Renew Energy Fd LP A
Probity Mining 2016 Short Duration Flow-Through LP
Purpose Global Resource Fund Series A
Purpose Special Opportunities Fund Series A
Quadrus Mackenzie Global Resource Fund Quad
RBC Canadian Small & Mid-Cap Resources Fund Ser A
RBC Global Resources Class Series A
RBC Global Resources Fund Series A
Renaissance Global Resource Fund Class A
Scotia Resource Fund - Series A
Sentry Resource Opportunities Class Series A
Signature Global Resource Corporate Class A
Signature Global Resource Fund Class A
Sprott 2017 Flow-Through LP
Sprott 2017-II Flow-Through Limited Partnership
Stone Select Growth Class A
TD Resource Fund - Inv
Terra 2017 Short-Term Flow-Through LP Cl A