North American Equity

Funds in the North American Equity Category must invest at least 90% of their equity holdings in securities domiciled in Canada and/or the United States but less than 50% of their equity holdings in securities domiciled in Canada. This category excludes any fund that meets the requirements of the U.S. Equity and U.S. Small/Mid Cap Equity categories.

ABC American-Value Fund
ABC Fully-Managed Fund
ABC Fundamental-Value Fund
ABC North American Equity Fund
AlphaDelta Tactical Growth Class - Series A
Aventine BTH Tactical Growth A
Barometer Disciplined Leadership Tact Inc Gro Cl A
Barometer Tactical Income Pool Class A
BMO North American Dividend Fund Series A
BMO SIA Focused North American Equity Fund
BMO Women In Leadership ETF (WOMN)
BMO Women in Leadership Fund Series A
Desjardins Financial UPA Equities
Dynamic North American Dividend Private Pool F
Evolve N. A. Gender Diversity Index ETF (HERS.B)
Fidelity North American Equity Class Series A
Fidelity North American Equity Investment Trust O
Fiera North American Market Neutral II
First Avenue Dividend Growth Fund
Fonds de Croissance Select
Heathbridge Checkmark Equity Pooled
Jones Collombin North American Equity Fund (JCNA)
Lysander-Roundtable Low Volatility Equity Fund- A
NBI North American Dividend Private Portfolio Adv
Palos WP Growth Fund Series A
Perennial Equity Portfolio
Provisus North American Equity Corp Cl O
Purpose Behavioural Opportunities Fund ETF (BHAV)
Purpose Behavioural Opportunities Fund Series A
Purpose Best Ideas ETF (PBI)
Purpose Best Ideas Fund Series A
Purpose Best Ideas Non-Currency Hedged A Series
Purpose Best Ideas Non-Hedged ETF (PBI.B)
Purpose Core Dividend Fund ETF (PDF)
Purpose Core Dividend Fund Series A
Purpose Enhanced Dividend Fund Series A
Purpose Enhanced Dividend Fund Series ETF (PDIV)
Purpose Global Innovators Fund ETF shares (PINV)
Purpose Global Innovators Fund Series A
Ravenstone Equity Trust Series I
SCA NISO Preferred Advantage Fund LP
Scotia Private North American Dividend Pool - K
Stone Growth Fund A
TD North American Dividend Fund - Investor Ser
The Alpha Fund LP Class A
TURN8 Tactical Equity Fund
Turtle Creek Equity Fund Cash Dist Cl A - 151
Turtle Creek Equity Fund Class A - 150
Turtle Creek Investment Fund Class A Series 1
Vertex Growth Fund Class B
VPI Foreign Equity Pool - Series A
Yorkville Enhanced Protections Class