Alternative Equity Focused

Funds in the Alternative Equity Focused category employ alternative strategies such as short selling or other forms of leverage. Alternative Mutual Funds that meet the requirements of NI 81-102, and traditional hedge funds offered by offering memorandum are categorized using the same guidelines. The underlying securities should be primarily equities such that at least 50% of the portfolio is invested in equities. Funds in this category may use speculative and/or hedging strategies. Funds that do not issue a simplified prospectus will not be ranked with the Alternative Mutual Funds in this category.

*This category will not be ranked for the first year of its existence.

AlphaNorth Partners Fund Inc Cl A
Altervest High Octane Fund
Altervest Premium Harvesting Fund
Arrow Global Advantage Fund Series A
Arrow Performance Fund Class A
Aventine Stable Income Fund Class F
Barometer Global Macro Pool Class A
Barometer Long Short Pool Class A
Bloom Burton Canadian Healthcare Fund LP Cl A
BMO Canadian Top 15 Small Cap TACTIC Fund A
BMO FinTech Sector TACTIC Fund Class A
BMO U.S. Top 15 Small Cap TACTIC Fund Class A
Broadview Dark Horse Long/Short Fund Class A
BSD Global Tech Hedge Fund L.P.
Caldwell ICM Market Strategy Trust
Caldwell North American Equity Strategy
Canoe Energy Alpha Fund LP Class A
CC&L Alternative Canadian Equity Fund
CC&L Alternative Canadian Equity Fund Series A
CC&L Alternative Global Equity Fund
CC&L Alternative Global Equity Fund Series A
CC&L Q US Equity Extension Fund
Celernus Absolute Growth Fund
CI Global Opportunities Fund Class A
DKAM Capital Ideas Fund LP Class A
Dynamic Alpha Performance Fund Series A
Dynamic Alpha Performance II Fund Series A
Dynamic Global Growth Opportunities Fund Series C
Dynamic Income Opportunities Fund Series A
Dynamic Premium Yield PLUS Fund Series A
EHP Advantage Alternative Fund Class A
EHP Advantage Fund Class A (Master) - 101A
EHP Advantage International Alternative Fund A
EHP Advantage International Fund A (Purch) - 500A
EHP Guardian Alternative Fund Class A
EHP Guardian Fund Class A (Master Series) - 301A
EHP Guardian International Alternative Fund A
EHP Select Alternative Fund Class A
EHP Select Fund Class A (Master) - 201A
Eleven Fund Class A
Exemplar Canadian Focus Portfolio Series A
Fieldhouse Oasis Canadian Growth++ Income Class O
Fieldhouse Second Phase US Systematic L/S Equ D
Fiera Long/Short Equity Fund Class A
Forge First Long Short Alternative Series A
Formula Growth Focus Fund Class A C$ Hedged 050
Formula Growth Gbl Opportunities Fd F -999 Main
Formula Growth Hedge Fund Class A (C$) - 151 Main
Galibier Opportunities Fund
Galileo Technology and Blockchain LP Class A
GFI Good Opportunities Fund Class A
Globevest Capital Alternative Growth Fund Class A1
Highstreet Global Equity Fund
Hillsdale Canadian Long/Short Equity Fund Ser A C$
Hillsdale Global Equity Fund Ser A CA$ (U$ Hedged)
Hillsdale Global Income Fund Series A CA$
Horizons Seasonal Rotation ETF (HAC)
IA Clarington U.S. Equity Opportunities Fund A
Jemekk Hedge Fund Series F
Jemekk Long/Short Fund L.P. Class B
Jemekk Total Return Fund L.P. Class B
Kawartha Energy Opportunities Fund Series B
Kawartha High Conviction Resource Fund Series B
King & Victoria RSP Fund Class A Units
Landry Global Equity Long/Short Fund Class A
Lightwater Long/Short Fund Class A
Lightwater Nimble Fund Class A
LionGuard Opportunities Fund LP Class A
Lynwood Opportunities Fund Class A
Mackenzie Global Long/Short Equity Alpha Fund A
Maxam Diversified Strategies Fund Series C
MFS Blended Research Global Equity Extension
Munro Alternative Global Growth Fund Class A
NCM Canadian Enhanced Equity Fund Series A
NewGen Equity Long-Short Fund LP Class B
NewGen Equity Long-Short Fund RRSP Class B
Ninepoint Enhanced Long-Short Equity Fund Class A
NISO Fund LP Class A
Palos Income Fund L.P. Series X
Palos-Mitchell Alpha Fund Series O
Peregrine Investment Management Fund LP
Phoenix Prudent and Opportunistic Balanced Fd A
Phoenix Prudent and Opportunistic Equity Fund
Picton Mahoney Fortified Activ Extension Alt Fd A
Picton Mahoney Global Long Short Equity Fund A
Picton Mahoney Long Short Equity Fund Class A
Picton Mahoney Special Situations Fund Class A
PM Concentrated Opportunistic L/S Fund
Polar Long/Short Fund (Canada) Class A
Polar Micro-Cap Fund Class A
Polar Micro-Cap Fund II L.P.Class A
Portland Advantage Plus - Everest Fund Series A
Portland Advantage Plus - McKinley Fund Ser A
Portland Focused Plus Fund LP Series A
Portland Focused Plus Fund Series A
Portland Global Sustainable Evergreen Fund A
Portland Global Sustainable Evergreen LP A
Portland Value Plus Fund Series A
Purpose Enhanced US Equity Fund Series A
Purpose International Tactical Hedged Equity Fd A
Purpose Select Equity Fund Series F
Purpose Tactical Hedged Equity Fund Series A
Quintessence Wealth Enhanced Long/Sh Tot Ret Fd E
Radin Global Opport Fd Founders Cl Ser F Lead
Raintree Growth Fund Series A
RBC QUBE 120/20 Canadian Equity Fund Series A
Rivemont Absolute Return Fund Series A
SmartBe Global Value Momentum Trend Index ETF (SBEA)
SMI Defensive LP Class S (FE)
Tera Capital Global Innovation
Tera High Income Fund
The K2 Principal Trust Class A
Thornmark Alpha Fund Class O
Trident Global Opportunities Fund Class A
Triumph Capital Appreciation Fund LP Class AA
Venator Founders Fund LP Class A
Venator Investment Trust Class A
Vertex Arbitrage Fund Plus Class F
Vertex Managed Value Portfolio Class A
Vision Opportunity Fund LP Class Z
Vision Opportunity Fund Trust Class A
Vision Strategic Opportunity Fund LP
WFC Opportunities Trust Series A&B