Miscellaneous – Other

Funds that have a unique strategy that does not belong to any other category or any other Miscellaneous sub-category.

ACM Debenture Fund One
ACM Mortgage Fund One
ACM Mortgage Fund Two
Aston Hill Capital Growth Fund
BGI CoreActive Bond
BMO Risk Reduction Equity Fund Series I
BMO Risk Reduction Fixed Income Fund Series I
Caldwell ICM Market Strategy Trust
Caldwell North American Equity Strategy A
Canadian Convertibles Plus Fund (CCI.UN)
Canadian Investment Grade Pfd Share Fd (P2L) A
CDN Financials Equity-Linked S2
Fiera Diversified
Horizons Canadian Dollar Currency ETF (CAN)
Horizons US Dollar Currency ETF (DLR.U)
Invesco Balanced Risk Allocation Pool
iShares Alternatives Completion Ptfl Builder (XAL)
iShares Global Completion Portfl Builder ETF (XGC)
LL Harmonized Special Equity
Manulife RetirementPlus Dollar-Cost Averag Advan
MLI Daily High Interest Fund
Oakstreet Income
OCP Senior Credit Fund (OSL.UN)
Pathfinder Income Fund (PCD.UN)
PH&N Long Bond Pension Trust Series O
VPI Value Pool - Series A
Walton Ontario Land Limited Partnership 1