Alternative Multi-Strategy

Funds in the Alternative Multi-Strategy category employ alternative strategies such as short selling or other forms of leverage. Alternative Mutual Funds that meet the requirements of NI 81-102, and traditional hedge funds offered by offering memorandum are categorized using the same guidelines. Funds in this category must have a stated mandate to use any, or a combination, of the alternative strategies including strategies that can be found in the other alternative categories. Funds that do not issue a prospectus will not be ranked with the Alternative Mutual Funds in this category.

*This category will not be ranked for the first year of its existence.

Absolute Return Fund Class B
Accelerate OneChoice Alternative Port ETF (ONEC)
Accelerate OneChoice Alternative Portfolio ETF (ONEC)
Alternative Asset Trust Class B
Amethyst Arbitrage Fund Class C
Arrow Global Advantage Alternative Class Series A
Auspice Diversified Trust Fund Series A
Auspice One Fund LP Class A
CC&L Absolute Return Fund Series A
CIBC Multi-Asset Absolute Return Strategy A
Dynamic Liquid Alternatives Private Pool A
EHP Foundation International Alternative Fund A
FDP Alternative Strategies Private Portfolio Series I
Fieldhouse Enhanced Pension Plus
Fieldhouse Enhanced Pension Plus Class P
Forge First Conservative Alternative Fund Series A
Franklin K2 Multi-Strategy Alternatives Fund F
Friedberg Asset Allocation Fund U$
Friedberg Global-Macro Hedge Fund U$
Horizons ReSolve Adaptive Asset Alloc ETF (HRAA)
Horizons ReSolve Adaptive Asset Allocation ETF (HRAA)
IG PanAgora Risk Parity Private Pool U
Invesco Balanced-Risk Allocation Pool Series F
Invesco Global Targeted Returns Pool Series F
iProfile Alternatives Private Pool Series I
J.C. Clark Adaly Trust
JM Catalyst Fund
Kensington Alternative Strategies Fund Class A
Mackenzie Global Macro Fund Series A
Mackenzie Multi-Strategy Absolute Return Fd A
Majestic Evolution Fund Series A
MAM Global Absolute Return Strategies Pooled
NBI Liquid Alternatives ETF (NALT)
NewGen Alternative Income Fund Class F
PH&N Absolute Return Fund Series A
Picton Mahoney Absolute Alpha Fund Class A
Picton Mahoney Fortified Arbitrage Plus Alter Fd A
Picton Mahoney Fortified Multi-Strategy Alt Fd A
PIMCO Diversified Multi-Asset Fund (Cda) Ser A
Polar Multi-Strategy Fund (Canada) Class A
Portland Special Opportunities Fund Series A
RBC Multi-Strategy Alpha
Russell Investments Yield Opportunities Pool B
Russell Investments Yield Opportunities Pool Series A
Stratigis Uber Strategies Fund LP Class A
The HGC Fund LP Series A
TURN8 Alternative Growth Fund
Viewpoint Global Risk Parity LP Class F
Vision Alternative Income Fund Class A
WaveFront All-Weather Fund LP Class F
XIB Fund Class A