Alternative Private Debt

Funds in the Alternative Private Debt category have portfolio holdings comprised primarily of private credit investments. This can include private debt holdings that are global in nature or are concentrated on a specific region or sector. Funds in this category may also aim to gain exposure to private debt through investment in other private debt funds or through derivatives.

360 Degree US Realty Income Fund Class B
ACM Commercial Mortgage Fund Class F
AGF SAF Private Credit Trust Fund Class A
Alitis Private Mortgage Fund Class D
Bloom Burton Healthcare Lending Trust
Bloom Burton Healthcare Structured Lending Fd LP A
Bloom Burton Healthcare Structured Lending II LP A
Bridgeport Alternative Income Fund Series A
Cameron Stephens High Yield Mortgage Trust (CSMT)
Canso Bank Loan Fund Class O
Canso Corporate and Infrastructure Debt Fund Ser O
Canso Private Broad Corporate Bond Fund Class C
Canso Private Debt Fund
Celernus Mortgage and Income Trust Fund Class A
Celernus Pivot Private Credit Fund Class A
Centurion Financial Trust - Class A
CIBC Short-Term Private Debt Pool
Cortland Credit Strategies L.P.
Cortland Credit Strategies RRSP Fund
First Canadian Commercial Real Estate Fund II
First Canadian Commercial Real Estate Fund Ser F
Frontenac Mortgage Investment Corp (FMIC) F Class
Glengarry Funding Trust Class A - Series I
Hamilton Lane Senior Credit Opportunities Canada (Feeder) Fund
Invico Diversified Income Fund Class F
KIWI Business Credit Fund - Reg Class I
KIWI Business Credit Fund LP
KiWi Private Credit Fund - Reg Cl I
KiWi Private Credit Fund - Registered Eligible Class A
KiWi Private Credit Fund LP Class I
Mackenzie Northleaf Private Credit Fund A
Mackenzie Northleaf Private Credit Interval Fd A
MarshallZehr Mortgage Opportunities Fund LP Cl F
Next Edge Private Debt Fund Class A1
Next Edge RCM Private Yield Fund Class A
Ninepoint Alternative Income Fund Series A
Ninepoint Canadian Senior Debt Fund Class A
Ninepoint Monroe U.S Private Debt Fund Series F U$
Ninepoint TEC Private Credit Fund II Series A
Ninepoint TEC Private Credit Fund Series A
Northfront Alternative Asset Fund Series N
Northfront Income Fund Series N
Portland Private Income Fund Series A
Purpose Apollo Private Credit Fund NC Hdg A
Qwest Productivity Media Income Trust Class A
RiverRock Mortgage Investment Corporation Class A1
Romspen Mortgage Investment Fund
Sterling Mortgage Income Fund Class A
TD Emerald Private Debt PFT - Reinvest Series
Trez Capital Prime Trust Class A
Trez Capital Yield Trust Class A
Vault Real Property Secured Debt Fund Class A
VPC Specialty Finance Fund Class B
Westboro Mortgage Investment Fund
Westmount Alternative Income Fund Series W
YTM Capital Mortgage Income Fund Class A