Alternative Private Equity

Funds in the Alternative Private Equity category have portfolio holdings comprised primarily of equity holdings that are not listed on a public exchange. This can include private equity holdings that are global in nature or are concentrated on a specific region or sector. Funds in this category may also aim to gain exposure to private equity through investment in other private equity funds or through derivatives.

Alitis Private REIT Class D
Emergence Fund Class I
Fiera Global Private Equity Fund Series F
Four Quad Global Rea Est Ptnrs LP A
Kensington Private Equity Fund Class A
Mackenzie Northleaf Private Infrastructure Fund A
Mackenzie Private Equity Replication Fund A
MD Platinum Global Private Equity Pool
NBI Global Private Equity ETF (NGPE)
NBT Real Assets Pooled Fund - GP
Portland Global Sustainable Evergreen LP A
RISE Properties Trust Class F
Yorkville Long Term Healthcare Fund Class A
Yorkville Private Equity LP Class A