Asia Pacific Equity

Funds in the Asia Pacific Equity category must invest at least 90% of their equity holdings in securities domiciled in 2 or more countries in the Asia/Pacific region. This category excludes any funds that meet the requirements of the Asia Pacific ex-Japan, or Greater China Equity categories.

CIBC Asia Pacific Fund Class A
CIBC Asia Pacific Index Fund Class A
Clarica SF Premier CI Emerging Markets Fund
Dynamic Asia Pacific Equity Fund Series A
Equitable Life Dynamic Asia Pacific Equity Fund
FÉRIQUE Asian Equity Fund Series A
Fidelity AsiaStar Class Series B
Fidelity AsiaStar Fund Series B
iA Asian Pacific iAIM SRP7575MyEd+
IG Mackenzie Pan Asian Equity Fund Series C
RBC Asian Equity Fund Series A
Sphere FTSE Asia Sustainable Yield Index ETF (SHA)
Vanguard FTSE Dev Asia Pacific AIl Cap Ix ETF (VA)