Canadian Equity Balanced

Funds in the Canadian Equity Balanced category must invest at least 70% of total assets in a combination of equity securities domiciled in Canada and Canadian dollar-denominated fixed income securities*. In addition, they must invest greater than 60% but less than 90% of their total assets in equity securities.

Assumption Life Balanced Growth Port A
Assumption Life SmartSeries Income
Assumption/CI Harbour Growth & Inc A
Axiom Balanced Growth Portfolio Class A
Axiom Canadian Growth Portfolio Class A
Axiom Long-Term Growth Portfolio Class A
Barreau du Quebec Balanced Fund
Beneva Growth Strategy GIF Basic
Beneva Universal Life Growth Strategy
Beutel Goodman Balanced Fund Class D
Bimcor Aggressive Growth Pooled Fund
Bimcor Balanced Pooled Fund
BMO Private Diversified Yield Portfolio
CAN Can Growth Balanc 75/75
CAN Can Stock Bal 75/75
CAN Can Value Bal 75/75
CAN Cdn Grth Bal II 100/100
CAN Cor B Gr Pl 75/75
Canada Life Can Premier Bal Gens
Canada Life Canadian Growth Balanced Fund A
Canada Life Canadian Value Balanced Fund A
CIBC Balanced Pool
CIBC Dividend Income Fund Class A
Cumberland Capital Appreciation
Desjardins Dividend Balanced Fund A Class
DFS GIF - Canadian Balanced - Fiera Series 1
DFS GIF - Dividend Income - Desjardins 3
Dynamic Power Balanced Fund Series A
Dynamic Value Balanced Class Series A
Dynamic Value Balanced Fund Series A
EdgePoint Canadian Growth & Income Portfolio A
Educators Balanced Fund Class A
Educators Monthly Income Fund Class A
Empire Dividend Balanced Fund - G
Empire Elite Balanced Fund - G
Empire Growth Portfolio Fund - A
Empire Life Emblem Growth Portfolio GIF 75/100 L
Empire Life Emblem Moderate Growth Pf GIF 75/100 L
Empire Moderate Growth Portfolio Fund - A
Equitable Life Bissett Dividend Income Fund
Equitable Life Dynamic Value Balanced Fund
Equitable Life Mac Cdn Growth Balanced Fund
Equitable Life Mac Ivy Canadian Balanced Fund Sel
Eterna Income Fund
FaithLife Balanced (Jarislowsky)
FaithLife Balanced (Scheer Rowlett)
Fidelity Canadian Asset Allocation Class B
Fidelity Canadian Asset Allocation Fund Ser B
Fiera Balanced Growth Fund Class F
FMOQ Monthly Income Fund
Franklin ClearBridge Dividend Income Fund A
Guardian Managed Balanced Portfolio Series W
GWL Can Grth Bal NL
GWL Can Premier Bal NL
GWL Can Stock Bal NL
GWL Can Value Bal NL
GWL Cor Balance 75/75
iA Canadian Disciplined Equity iAIM Hyb SRPOther
iA Canadian Equity Growth Hyb SRP7575
iA Canadian Equity Index Hyb SRP7575
iA Canadian Equity Small Cap Hyb QV SRP7575
iA Canadian Opportunities Hyb Fid SRP7575
IA Clarington Inhance Growth SRI Portfolio Ser A
IA Clarington Inhance Monthly Income SRI Fund T6
IA Clarington Inhance Monthly Income SRI GIF - B
IA Clarington Monthly Income Balanced Fund Ser T8
IA Clarington Monthly Income Balanced GIF - A
iA Diversified Opportunity SRP7575MyEd+
iA Diversified Opportunity SRPOther
iA Dividend Growth Hyb SRP7575
iA SRI Growth (Inhance) Ecoflex & My Education
iA SRI Growth Inhance Ecoflex&MyEd
iA Strategic Equity Income Hyb SRP7575
iA True North Hyb Fid SRPOther
IG Beutel Goodman Canadian Balanced Fund C
IG Mackenzie Dividend Fund C
IG Mackenzie Mutual of Canada Series C
IG/CL Balanced GIF 75/75 A
IG/CL Dividend GIF 75/75 A
IG/CL Mutual of Canada GIF 75/75 A
imaxx Canadian Fixed Pay Fund Class A2
Invesco Income Growth Fund Series SC
Invesco Select Balanced Fund Series A
iShares Canadian Financial Monthly Inc ETF (FIE)
ivari Canadian Fixed Pay GIF
ivari Cdn Fix Pay GIF Cl 2-GS/GS2
ivari Fid Cdn Asst Allc GIF
ivari TD Div Income GIF
Jones Collombin Balanced Fund (JCBF)
La Capitale Agressive Profile (NBSI)
La Capitale Growth Profile (NBSI)
Leith Wheeler Balanced Fund Series A
LON Cor Balance 75/75
London Life Can Stock Bal
London Life Can Value Bal
London Life Canadian Grth Bal
London Life Cdn Grth Bal II
Mackenzie Bluewater Cdn Growth Bal Fund A
Mackenzie Bluewater Cdn Growth Bal Fund LB
Mackenzie Canadian Growth Balanced Fund II Ser LB
Mackenzie Cundill Canadian Balanced Fund A
Mackenzie Cundill Canadian Balanced Seg Fd A
Mackenzie FuturePath Canadian Equity Balanced PA
Mackenzie Ivy Canadian Balanced Fund II Series A
Mackenzie Ivy Canadian Balanced Fund Series A
Mackenzie Ivy Growth and Income Segregated Fund A
Mackenzie Universal Canadian Balanced Seg Fund A
Manulife Canadian Growth & Income Pv Sg Pl MPIP
Manulife Fidelity Canadian A A GIF Series 1
Manulife Fundamental Balanced Class Advisor Sr
Manulife Fundamental Balanced Class MPIP-FE
Manulife Fundamental Balanced Cls GIF Sel Orig75
Manulife Fundamental Income GIF Series 1
Manulife Ideal Fidelity Cdn A A Fd SS Id 100/100
Manulife Invesco Select Balanced GIFe Series 1
Manulife MIM Target De-risking 80
Manulife RetirementPlus CI Cdn Bal
Manulife TD Dividend Income GIF Series 1
Manulife TD Dvrsf Mthly Inc GIF Sel InvP
Marquest Income & Growth
MD Precision Canadian Balanced Growth Fund Ser A
MD Precision Canadian Moderate Growth Fund Ser A
Meritage Growth Income Portfolio - Adv/DSC
Meritage Growth Plus Income Portfolio - Adv/DSC
Meritage Growth Plus Portfolio - Adv/DSC
Meritage Growth Portfolio - Adv/DSC
NBI Jarislowsky Fraser Select Balanced Fund Adv/FE
NCM Income Growth Class Series A
Pembroke Canadian Balanced Fund
Portland Canadian Balanced Fund Series A
Provisus Balanced Corporate Class O
Purpose Balanced Pool Fund
Renaissance Canadian Balanced Fund A
Renaissance Diversified Income Fund Class A
Renaissance Dividend Income Premium
Scotia Dividend Balanced Fund Series A
Sionna Strategic Income Fund Series A
Sun GIF Solutions TD Dividend Income Estate Ser A
Sun Lifetime Adv GIF Sun Life MFS Cdn Eq Bdl A
SunWise Elite Fid Disciplined Core Bdl Cl B 75/100
SunWise Elite Fidelity True North Core Bundle Cl A
SunWise Ess 2 Fidelity True North Seg Bdl Inv
SunWise Ess 2 Sun Life BlackRock Cdn Eq Seg Bdl Iv
SunWise Ess CI NA Div Bndl Inv/Est
SunWise Ess Fid Disciplined Seg Bdl Inv Class
SunWise Ess Fidelity True North Seg Bundle Inv Cl
SunWise Essential 2 CI Pre Can Bal Seg Fd Inv Cl
SunWise II Fidelity Canadian Asset Allocation (F)
SunWise II Mac Cundill Canadian Balanced (Full)
TD Balanced Growth Fund - Inv
TD Diversified Monthly Income Fund - Investor Ser
TD Dividend Income Class Investor Series
TD Dividend Income Fund - Investor Series
VPI Canadian Balanced Pool - Series A
Zechner Pooled Balanced