Geographic Equity

Funds in this category invest in equity securities focused on a specific geographic area or areas and do not qualify for any of the existing geographic equity categories. Funds in this category should not be considered homogenous and data providers will not rank, quartile, or apply similar relative comparisons to the constituents.

Bay Capital India Fund
BMO Japan Fund Series A
BMO Japan Index ETF (ZJPN)
BMO MSCI India ESG Leaders Index ETF (ZID)
Burgundy Focus Asian Equity
CI WisdomTree Japan Equ Idx ETF Non-Hgd (JAPN.B)
Fidelity Japan Class Series B
Fidelity Japan Fund Series B
Franklin FTSE Japan Index ETF (FLJA)
iShares India Index ETF (XID)
iShares Japan Fundamental Index ETF C$ Hgd (CJP)
RBC Indigo Indian Equity Fund Investor Series
RBC Japanese Equity Fund Series A
Steyn Capital Africa Fund - class B
Steyn Capital SA Equity Fund - Class A
Sun Life Aditya Birla India Fund Series A