Short Term Target Date Portfolio

These are target-date funds that mature in 2020 or earlier. This includes any target date funds that are passed their target date but remain active.

Assumption Life SmartSeries 2020
CI LifeCycle 2015 Portfolio
CI LifeCycle 2020 Portfolio
Desjardins fin'l Fidelity CP Instl 2020
Fidelity ClearPath 2015 Portfolio Series B
Fidelity ClearPath 2020 Portfolio Series B
Franklin LifeSmart 2020 Portfolio
Franklin Templeton 2020 Conservative Prt
Franklin Templeton 2020 Growth Portfolio
Franklin Templeton 2020 Moderate Port
Greystone 2020 Target Date Fund
LL Continuum Aggressive 2015 (PSG)
LL Continuum Aggressive 2020 (PSG)
LL Continuum Conservative 2015 (PSG)
LL Continuum Conservative 2020 (PSG)
LL Harmonized 2015 (Multi Manager)
LL Harmonized 2020 (Multi Manager)
LL Harmonized Aggressive 2015 (PSG)
LL Harmonized Aggressive 2020 (PSG)
LL Harmonized Conservative 2015 (PSG)
LL Harmonized Conservative 2020 (PSG)
London Life 2015 Profile (PSG)
London Life 2020 Profile (PSG)
Manulife Retirement Date 2020 Fund
Mercer Target Date Fund 2
Mercer Target Date Fund 3
PH&N LifeTime 2015 Fund Series O
PH&N LifeTime 2020 Fund Series O
RBC Retirement 2020 Portfolio Series A
Sun Life 2020 Milestone Portfolio
Sun Life Granite 2020 Aggressive Portfolio
Sun Life Granite 2020 Conservative Portfolio
Sun Life Granite 2020 Moderate Portfolio
Sun Life Granite 2020 Portfolio
TD Emerald 2020 Retirement Target Date
Vanguard Target Retirement 2015 Pooled Fund
Vanguard Target Retirement 2020 Pooled Fund