The CIFSC proposes to adopt an RI fund identification framework

The Canadian Investment Funds Standards Committee (CIFSC) is proposing to adopt a framework to identify Canadian investment funds that sufficiently practice responsible investing (RI). The CIFSC’s goal is to meet the need for an objective, comprehensive list of Canadian responsible investment funds. The proposed framework is available below.

Initially the framework will only consider regulatory and marketing materials in identifying responsible funds, but the CIFSC is working to develop a quantitative evaluation that would be integrated into the framework. The CIFSC believes that a quantitative assessment is necessary to improve the transparency of the process and the accountability of the funds.

Following this release, there will be a 60 day comment period, comments will be accepted up to and including December 7th 2020. Comments will be received through the CIFSC website here: Please aim to be constructive with comments, providing alternate solutions where appropriate.

Please click here to view the full proposal: [link to pdf]