Retail Venture Capital

Funds in the Retail Venture Capital funds include but are not limited to Labour Sponsored Investment Funds (LSIF) and other related Funds that receive special tax benefits for investing in Canadian venture capital as defined by the applicable federal and provincial statutes.

B.E.S.T. Total Return Fund Inc.
Covington Fund II (LSVCC) Series I
Covington Fund II Series II (LSVCC)
Covington Venture Fund Series IX
Covington Venture Fund Series VII
Covington Venture Fund Series VIII
Covington Venture Partners Bal Sr VI
Dynamic Venture Opportunities Fund (LSVCC) Ser I
Golden Opportunities Fund Class A
Golden Opportunities Fund Class I
Golden Opportunities Fund Resource Class R (SK)
Golden Opportunities Innovation Class
GrowthWorks Atlantic Fund GIC 431
GrowthWorks Atlantic Venture Fund Balanced
GrowthWorks Commercialization 14
Return On Innovation Fund Inc Series I
Return On Innovation Fund Inc Series II
Return On Innovation Fund Inc Series III
Return On Innovation Fund Inc Series IV
SaskWorks Diversified Fund Class A
SaskWorks Resources Fund Class A
VentureLink Innovation Fund Inc. Series I
Working Opportunity Fund Balanced 1
Working Opportunity Fund Balanced 2
Working Opportunity Fund Commercialization 05